Printable Meal Planning Templates

Do you make a Weekly Meal Plan for you and your family?

In our home we have found that meal planning and prep has been a real game changer. For us we get the kids involved - everyone in the family picks a meal for one night. This saves me the work of having to decide what to make for dinner each night, it empowers the kids because feel they have a choice in what they eat (for picky eaters this is huge), it also allows us to have a conversation about how to make healthy meals and what healthy meals consist of.

We all know that meal planning is a great way to stick to a grocery budget, helps to reduce food waste, save time grocery shopping, but more importantly it keeps good food on the table.

I hope these templates help you to get your family organized and on the road to healthy eating at home.

If you would like to see any changes to either template to make them more effective for you, please let me know in the comments below.

Click to get FREE printable version

Click to get FREE printable version

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