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Cashew Chickpea or Cashew Chicken

I do a lot of cooking classes and I recently did a few Keto workshops and the reason I

did them was because I wanted people to do it the “right” or most healthy way if

they were going to follow this trend. One of the dishes we created is my Cashew

chicken and it was such a huge hit with everyone. It also happens to be one of my

faves so of course I had to share it with all of you.

I know I initially I started my company as a plant-based meal prep company but we

have grown and evolved over time. With our training goals we found that adding in

a few meat meals each week really worked for us. My big message with nutrition is

you do what works best for you. Only you know your body, what makes it feel good

and what doesn’t. That’s why I gave two options for this week’s

blog post.

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